Tuesday, October 8, 2013

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Well it's been some time
Life has been rather frantic and I kind of gave up on the blog.
Just back from holidays I wanted to post some pic's of my month away and in particular write about my amazing week quilting with Chris Porter at Les Cerisiers in Burgandy.

Chris is former editor of British Patchwork and Quilting, had published many books and taught around the world about quilting. An amazing teacher to have for the week.

Les Cerisiers is run by Janice Barnett at the Really Big Dream company, its about 1 hour from Macon in the southern burgandy countryside. And to put it simply it is just a gorgeous place. A large barn for events, comfy rooms to stay in, scrummy food, and a pool to stretch those aching muscles.

This years theme was Quilts under your feet- inspirations taken from the tiled floors in Venice and elsewhere. It's given me something new to look at in churches and old houses. As well as looking up at the walls and ceilings, look down and there are the most amazing designs. Many of which are quilts waiting to be constructed.

The pre course instructions had given me lots of fabric to find/ buy. Chris tends to use tone on tone fabrics, which I had very little in my stash. She uses a lot of Stonehenge fabrics which resemble stone and blend really easily. I packed all the fabric into one of the vacuum bags to reduce the space it took in my luggage. Sadly I could do nothing about the weight and had about 4 kg worth of quilting supplies in my suitcase. Ok for a dedicated week away, not so good for a long trip to europe. Amazingly when i un vaccuumed the bag the fabric was uncreased, so no extra ironing. Perhaps this is the way to go?

So what I thought that i'd share today is the work in progress. I'll share some pictures of Les Cerisiers this week and the finished quilt tops later.

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