Sunday, October 13, 2013

Inspiring others

While half of the group at the quilt retreat I went to last month worked on their Medici quilts (which I wrote about a couple of days ago) the other half of the group worked on some lovely other projects.

Gail worked on learning new machine quilting techniques. She loves to hand sew and quilt and found it a challenge to use machines as they are not her first love. She is an incredibly accurate piecer, and produced beautiful panels.

Anne-Marie was new to patchwork - but not to sewing or artistic endeavours. She appliqued the most intricate of designs for her first quilt. She appliqued them with a satin stitch too - which I've never found to be very forgiving. A beautiful result.

Ep and Jenny worked on designs from British floors - inspired by Inverness cathedral floor.

This then lead Jenny to draft and start piecing a quilt top based on her old hallway floor design.

I'm delighted to have been able to spend a week learning from these lovely women. Many of the designs are very different to the styles or colours that I would usually choose myself. And seeing them come together and grow in design has helped me to expand my thinking on design and ideas. 

Are you inspired to look at your floors?

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