Friday, March 2, 2012

Sun charms quilt


Here are pics of the first quilt that I finished on my new sewing machine- it became a gift for a good colleague. He and his wife had their 2nd baby in January, I hope that it gives them much pleasure.

The pattern is from Amy Smart- her blog Diary of a Quilter is fresh modern and simple - Thanks Amy for the pattern. The fabric is Whimsy from  Heather Mulder- it's a selection ordered from her website as the FQ shop included all the pinks and reds and i really wanted a gender neutral colours to make this quilt. Thank you Heather for lovely fabric.

Here are some pics- taken with the phone, so not the best quality. But a lovely quilt to make and easy to quilt - 1/4" either side of the main seams. Finished size was about40 x 52", with the addition of the small white borders, the white on white has small dragonflies....too cute!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Photo Challenge - days 13+14

Day 13 Inside your bag

Inside my very own hand made crochet bag. I've made some progress on my squares- it's a project for slow weekends on call or sitting on the sofa in front of the TV. Haven't had much time for TV lately, but will slowly get there. It's been good to learn to crochet.

Day 14 What you're reading

The Veg cookbook from the river cottage is awesome, even if the Beetroot tarte tatin got really really strange looks at work. I made an eggplant and green bean curry this week, it was delicious. It's a vegie cookbook written by someone who likes meat and doesn;t want to find meat substitutes. The veg just stand on their own feet. The kitchen gardens book is just gardening dreaming, I don't have the time, space, soil or water to produce such amazing gardens - oh and the possums might enjoy them too much!  

Almost half way through the challenge- wow!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Photo Challenge - days 7-13

Here are the next days of the challenge- I'm quite enjoying this, I anticipated taking lots of crafty shots but that's not how this month has worked out....

7th: Favourite

My favourite cross stitch- and biggest. I completed this when I was a student and had it framed about 7 years ago when I lived on the Gold Coast. The pattern was from a book I found in the public library. It was 9 different butterflies and they were grouped on  a gorgeous fire screen. Not much use for that here but the framer was fantastic and picked matting and a frame that I wouldn't have chosen myself - but he'd been recommended and I trusted his judgement- I am so glad that I did. It's hung in my bedroom ever since.

8th Your Sky

Summer arrived- hot sunny days- this is the neighbour's frangipani tree- just say's summer doesn't it?

9th Daily Routine

I should have left by now- all to common!

10th Childhood

I did all of these as a teenager- and am glad I now have somewhere to hang them
 11thWhere you sleep

The bug spray is for the annoying mossie that tried to bite me 3-4 nights ago- and it was on the ceiling when I tried to squish it- too high- so the spray came out

12th Close Up


G+T for farewell drinks at the Bell, for one of our lovely registrars. Hope she has safe travels to WA. A lovely catch up with everyone after work and a great cool change to the weather.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Photo Challenge - next days

Day 3: Something you adore
This was tricky- so many things, would it be my sewing room, or the oil paints I have just dug out of the cupboard after many years. Treasured photo's or keepsakes? In the end I opened the fridge and saw the rhubarb that a good friend had given me from their garden. I love rhubarb, it's not that commonly eaten by many queenslanders who sometime look blankly at me if I talk about it. Maybe its just talking about food in general- but here it is fresh garden rhubarb, sprinkled with sugar and ginger before being stewed. Delicious with yoghurt, icecream or as it is. In cooler months good in pies, jam and with custard. Could only be bettered by raspberries- but not a good time of year for them in qld. Roll on the Tassie trip :-)

Day 4: Letterbox
Here it is - dilemma to include or not include the number? Well it's kinda big and difficult to crop from the photo. My house is on a hill so the house seems big over the top of it. And yes- I did get junk mail despite the sign :-(

Day 5: Something you wore
It was a work day- on call at night so it had to be work clothes. It could have just been scrubs - but I had an ortho list to do and lead to wear- what better choice to cheer you up than the pink butterfly one? Complete with matching back belt - the surgeon had nabbed the matching thyroid collar- but then paisley is so pretty, though perhaps not with the rest of the ensemble!

Day 6: Makes you smile
It has to be home. Summer has arrived 31C here today. The pool looks mighty inviting - and makes me smile whenever I get home. I never imagined 20 years ago as a med student in the north of scotland that I would live somewhere with my own pool- and have the weather to go with it. Plus getting home from being on call and away from work always makes me smile :-)

Monday, January 2, 2012

January Photo Challenge


Happy New Year- Don't think that I will get much crafting done this month so instead I decided that I would do the Fat Mum Slim photo challenge:

Here are day's one and two:
Day One: Me

Day Two : Breakfast- had to wait till 10.30am for this; but a lovely morning