Friday, January 6, 2012

Photo Challenge - next days

Day 3: Something you adore
This was tricky- so many things, would it be my sewing room, or the oil paints I have just dug out of the cupboard after many years. Treasured photo's or keepsakes? In the end I opened the fridge and saw the rhubarb that a good friend had given me from their garden. I love rhubarb, it's not that commonly eaten by many queenslanders who sometime look blankly at me if I talk about it. Maybe its just talking about food in general- but here it is fresh garden rhubarb, sprinkled with sugar and ginger before being stewed. Delicious with yoghurt, icecream or as it is. In cooler months good in pies, jam and with custard. Could only be bettered by raspberries- but not a good time of year for them in qld. Roll on the Tassie trip :-)

Day 4: Letterbox
Here it is - dilemma to include or not include the number? Well it's kinda big and difficult to crop from the photo. My house is on a hill so the house seems big over the top of it. And yes- I did get junk mail despite the sign :-(

Day 5: Something you wore
It was a work day- on call at night so it had to be work clothes. It could have just been scrubs - but I had an ortho list to do and lead to wear- what better choice to cheer you up than the pink butterfly one? Complete with matching back belt - the surgeon had nabbed the matching thyroid collar- but then paisley is so pretty, though perhaps not with the rest of the ensemble!

Day 6: Makes you smile
It has to be home. Summer has arrived 31C here today. The pool looks mighty inviting - and makes me smile whenever I get home. I never imagined 20 years ago as a med student in the north of scotland that I would live somewhere with my own pool- and have the weather to go with it. Plus getting home from being on call and away from work always makes me smile :-)

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