Friday, January 13, 2012

Photo Challenge - days 7-13

Here are the next days of the challenge- I'm quite enjoying this, I anticipated taking lots of crafty shots but that's not how this month has worked out....

7th: Favourite

My favourite cross stitch- and biggest. I completed this when I was a student and had it framed about 7 years ago when I lived on the Gold Coast. The pattern was from a book I found in the public library. It was 9 different butterflies and they were grouped on  a gorgeous fire screen. Not much use for that here but the framer was fantastic and picked matting and a frame that I wouldn't have chosen myself - but he'd been recommended and I trusted his judgement- I am so glad that I did. It's hung in my bedroom ever since.

8th Your Sky

Summer arrived- hot sunny days- this is the neighbour's frangipani tree- just say's summer doesn't it?

9th Daily Routine

I should have left by now- all to common!

10th Childhood

I did all of these as a teenager- and am glad I now have somewhere to hang them
 11thWhere you sleep

The bug spray is for the annoying mossie that tried to bite me 3-4 nights ago- and it was on the ceiling when I tried to squish it- too high- so the spray came out

12th Close Up


G+T for farewell drinks at the Bell, for one of our lovely registrars. Hope she has safe travels to WA. A lovely catch up with everyone after work and a great cool change to the weather.


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