Saturday, October 19, 2013

Brisbane Quilt Show

Another October another fabulous selection of quilts to go and swoon over. There are some seriously talented patchwork and quilters out there. There were some quilts that I had seen before at the Ekka quilt show - and a whole lot more that were new to me.

The ACQ competition had a theme of  Free and there were some amazing large art style quilts to view. The winner was this amazing horse quilt. The quilting was just sublime- lots of metallic thread in gold silver and bronze. There were bits quilted like a jigsaw - a bit different from the usual swirls and stipples.

As a scale the jigsaw bits are about the size of an Australian 5c piece so pretty small.

Some of the others that caught my eye are here.

So cute- Dr Seuss :-)

Loving these split bright Dresden plates

A 1600 quilt beautifully quilted 

This was amazing- lots of little challenge quilts which were joined with small fabric pieces (the black on black doesn't show well). Each piece was a fabulous on it's own and gorgeously quilted. 

Sadly that morning one of the art quilts had been stolen. It's creator had just won a prize and was going to add her ribbon to the quilt ... when she realised it was not there. Apparently the cameras were pointing the wrong direction. 

This was posted on Facebook:

was very upset this morning after a great start to a great Qld Quilt Show when it was discovered that "Feathers Unfolden" First prize winning quilt by Brenda Wood was stolen from the wall shortly after the prize presentations were completed. If anyone sees this quilt please please please contact Queensland Quilters and dob the offender in. It is part of a group exhibition by Reddy Arts Textile Group and I am sure everyone would like to see it restored to it's maker and owner

Here's the link to a picture of the quilt

Hopefully the thief has a conscience attack and returns the quilt. I've heard of quilts going missing at shows - thankfully never come across it till now.

So til next year. I see all the posts of people I "like" on Facebook who are preparing for quilt market. One year I'd love to make it to Houston. It might just be a bit overwhelming.

Anyhow all inspired so back to the machine.



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