Thursday, September 8, 2011

Christmas quilt update

Progress is being made on my block of the month project that I started too long ago now, I think it's been on the go for about 18 months with the original plan to have it completed for last christmas. Well that didn't happen, though I did take it with me to Bundaberg last year and worked on it whilst I was stranded by the flooding, couldn't get any further as i'd left the borders in Brissie. Finally picked it up again a couple of weekends ago when I had a lovely sewing weekend trip to visit Crafty Mummy and family. It was a rainy yucky day, and I even missed the turning to the highway and ended up on the wrong road. Ooops! I arrived a little late, and after lunch we got some serious sewing done. CM posted on her blog ages ago, I'm not so organised...........

I pieced the Hopscotch quilt first and then finished the borders on my xmas quilt. It is incredibly busy close up but this does not show up in the photographs. The pattern called for adding 5 borders to the quilt. I couldn't stand the idea of going round and round adding borders so opted to strip piece the borders together and then join them to the quilt with mitred corners. They are really quite easy to do, and this tut shows the method I use, as was taught my my first teacher Lyn. 

By ironing the seams out for one side and in for the neighbour they nested really neatly together when mitre'ing (?) and gave a lovely crisp result.

Now for some serious quilting.

I'll share my other sewing soon- a roman blind and some curtains.

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