Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Block of the month- update

I have finally got up to date with my block of the month. Holidays at Home- Bloom Creek I have always fancied doing one of these. The idea of getting a parcel of fabric each month seemed like such an easy way to do a quilt. I've done a few with lots of the same block, so it was a great chance to do lots of different blocks. Plus- its a christmas one and I did promise myself I would do a christmas one - one day. So I have now done the centre of the quilt, and most of the blocks for the surrounds- there are 4 each of the Churn Dash, cross like one and flying geese blocks but I didn't take pictures of them all. I think that the next month will be a card trick style block, which is an old favourite, and then the last month will be the sashing and putting it together. It's kind of nice not having a huge chunk of fabric to cut up all at once. And I am getting use to the cheater's Strip It fabric that I posted about a few months ago. I will post more as I get and sew it.

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Shelle said...

Di it's going to be lovely. I too would love to do a block a month... but my UFO's are not getting any less so I daren't try to fit more into my sewing space!!