Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weekend quilting...

Whenever we get together to quilt we do show and tell.
I thought I'd share last weekends' projects
(especially for you, Shelle ;o) we missed you!)
Here's Maivili's first quilt - nearly finished!
Just the binding to go.
The quilting is great - such a big quilt done 
on her domestic machine.
She says the lines are crooked
but I couldn't see it.

Here's Di's raggy quilt.
Gorgeous fabric!
She quilted the centres of the blocks then joined them
and cut the raggy edges.
Very nice job!
This is what Di was working on 
and is now ready to sandwich for quilting.
She added the borders which made it quite a big quilt.
Nice to think that some of the fabrics were 
Christmas presents from Shelle and Maivili.

I realised I didn't take any photos of my own project so I'll do that tomorrow.
But let me leave you with a newest Quiltitis member...
He is gorgeous 
but you can see that this quilting thing wears you out!


Di said...

great pictures CM ;-)

Shelle said...

Missed you girls! Love the photos, especially the last one... what a cutie!!