Monday, January 24, 2011

Last day to bid - Owls of Comfort


Today is the last day to bid for my Owls of Comfort quilt. The auction will end at 12 midnight my australian time (QLD-AEST). If i'd thought about it i would have had a much more civilised end time of 9pm, hey ho too late now. So the winner of the auction will be the person with the highest bid before 12MN. I will use the Blogger time stamp to determine the winner- it's a work day tomorrow and I need my (anti-grumpy) sleep.

If you have been sucessful I will send you an email, and we will take it from there. Please make sure that I have a way of contacting you! Email address or a viewable Blogger profile. If i have not made contact with the winner and received proof of payment within 7 days I will contact the next highest bidder.

The quilt and auction can be found HERE.

Please also look at CraftyMummy's items:

A Lovely Japanesse Bag- I saw it again at the weekend, and it really is a great bag. Click here for bag link

And a super cuddly baby quilt. Click here for Baby quilt.

The images of the floods are incredible. I drove out the Lockyer valley this weekend to visit friends (and do some sewing), the width of the Lockyer creek was huge, a usually small creek had river sides that were the size of a medium river- now with much much less water in it. Recovery will take a long time and lots of effort.  The nearmap's of Brisbane are incredible.     Nearmaps don't show the extent of flooding in Country Qeensland, and so many smaller towns have been affected for far longer than the flood in the capital city. So dig deep - your donation is tax decductable if you live in Australia (as goes directly to Premier Flood Relief appeal), and you get a gorgeous item too.

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