Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tokyo subway quilt along

My next project is a quilt for my friend A's daughter's 18th birthday next year. I had planned to sit down with her and gauge her tastes, styles etc. But it is exam season and when she is not studying it seems she has a better social life than most! Just as I was pondering what to do I saw this quilt-along on the Oh Fransson blog, and I worked out what I was going to make.

I had intended to use all fabrics from my stash, I had no grey so a trip to the quilt shops was in order. The rest of the day has been taken up with cutting! I have given up on cutting the 800+ white squares. I'll do these as I go along. 200 should get me started.

I have a 2 inch grid called Quilt Fuse to try out. It promises to make the piecing much easier. I'll try and report back.



Shelle said...

Wow - I can't wait to see this quilt!! I'm inspired to use up some of my scraps, in fact. Perhaps I'll join the quilt-along too???

Di said...

I'll be off to buy more of the 2 inch Quilt fuse- makes the process much less painful. I will post the pictures later this week.

If you fancy making the quilt I am happy to swap fabrics if you are short of some colours.