Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Embroidery Book

I got a book in the post today. Mum had posted her mum's embroidery book to me. From a quick google search it seems that it is a classic text. So much so that you can see it for free on the web. It's called Encyclopedia of Needlework by Th De Dillmont Link. Published by DMC (Dollfus Mieg and Co)  in 1884. I doubt my copy is from then as it says at the front that over 1,260,000 copies have been sold and translated into French, Italian, Spanish and German. It's written in the most fantastic victorian english, and in tiny text. Lots of diagrams in black and white and occasional colour plates.

I haven't read much but thought that one passage might be appreciated: From page 2- which talks about needles:
"To preserve needles from rust, put a little asbestos powder in the packets. People with damp hands which make needles sticky in usage, will do well to keep a small box of the powder by them and dip their fingers occasionally in it."

Must go out and get my asbestos!!

It still has an original box to store it in. I suspect that I will make nothing from it but will enjoy dipping into it for enjoyment.

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