Friday, May 28, 2010

Laptop cover

A travel cover for my laptop has been on my to-do list for a while now. I carried in my rucksack on a flight earlier this year and got some scuff marks on the case. So, a protective sleeve was in order. Having accumulated a stash of fabric just simply buying one seemed silly. Today I decided was the day to fix the problem. There are lots of tuts about how to measure up for your case. Basically take the dimensions around the length and breadth and add an inch for ease of fit. I added a couple of inches to the shorter dimension to make a flap.

I decided that a flannel lining would be nice and soft and used the grey pattern you see in the photos. The japanese style print just toned with the gold, pink and purple from my stash. The simplest thing to do seemed to be a 9 patch. It all came together very easily. Two little snap fasteners finish it neatly, and it's always good to hit something with a hammer on a friday night after work!!

I made a little drawstring bag to carry the power cord and my USB mouse.

Thanks to Crafty Mummy for the chat earlier this week, got me in the mood to make this.



CraftyMummy said...

LOVE it, Di! The fabric is so pretty, and glad to hear that the hammer was therapy. Must have been sewing night last night ;)

Miri said...

Great lap top bag...too bad I didn't see this earlier-I just bought one!