Monday, March 15, 2010

Very excited

I got a very exciting SMS from Shelle this afternoon. She had received her copy (volume 42) of Quilters Companion in the mail, and there on page 100 was our quilt....

I cannot wait till my copy arrives, it has apparently photographed beautifully, so I hope that the couple that we made it for are very happy with the pictures. Our friend who very kindly allowed us to send the quilt to QC was kind enough to say that when she got it back just before christmas she was delighted. She could not believe just how much she had missed it. I think that that is reward enough for the effort of making it.

Here is another pic of it and hopefully we can update our foray into the publishing world soon.


Sharon Mobilia said...

I love this quilt and would love to have a go making it. I saw it in an old copy of the quilters companion but the centre sheets are missing. I need a copy of the foundation papers for size, where can I get them. Any help would be appreciated.

Di said...


You didn't leave your email address - can you post another comment with your contact details so that we can contact you about how to go about this?